Transfer the live stream to your TV

Open your ticket via your phone, computer, or tablet by logging into DeFy . If you want to see the live stream on your TV, you can cast the concert. This works differently depending on the device.

Important! Don’t use other apps while streaming from your phone. This can cause your stream to stall. If you want to continue using your apps, we recommend that you activate the stream via your laptop, computer, or tablet.

Below we give you tips for casting via an HDMI cable, Airplay, Chromecast, Google Home app and your Smart TV.

HDMI cable

We advise using an HDMI cable if you are able. Any wireless connection can cause problems, and of course you want to be able to watch the stream without one! 

Connect the HDMI cable between the output of your computer or laptop and the HDMI input of your TV. Use your TV remote control to select the correct input. The key you need for this is usually called the source or input. Press this button and select the correct input from the menu.

In the settings of your operating system, select the television as the output. Below are the steps you should take for Windows and your Apple Macbook.

Windows 10:

  • Go to your desktop and use the right mouse button. Select Display Settings.
  • In the next window you will see 2 rectangles next to each other. These rectangles are numbered (1 and 2) and represent your laptop and television. Can you only see 1 block? Then click Recognize.
  • Scroll down and click the drop-down list next to the Multiple Displays option and select the Duplicate these displays option if you want the picture from your laptop to appear on your TV as well.
  • Scroll down to set your resolution. Use the following resolutions:

Do you have an HD Ready TV? Choose 1280 x 720.

Do you have a Full HD TV? Choose 1920 x 1080.

Do you own a 4K TV? Choose 3840 x 2160.

If the sound does not automatically go through the HDMI cable, you can adjust this as well. Select the “Sound” section and select your television set under “Output device”. (You can also get here by using the right click on your speaker icon in the lower right corner of your laptop or computer.)


You can also use an HDMI cable to connect your Macbook to your TV. Newer MacBook models do not have an HDMI connection, but a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt connection. If that is the case, you will also need an adapter so that you can connect the HDMI cable to your MacBook. With your MacBook connected by cable, you can do the following:

  • Click the Apple icon Apple 
  • Under the “Screen” tab, select the “Best for display” option to automatically set the optimal resolution for your TV screen. If you choose ‘Scaled’, you can manually set a resolution.
  • Under the ‘Arrangement’ tab you will see 2 rectangles next to each other, these represent your laptop and your television set. Select the ‘Activate video mirroring’ option if you want the picture from your laptop to be displayed on your television set. 

If the sound does not automatically go through the HDMI cable, you can set this up. Click the Apple icon> System Preferences> Sound> Output and select your TV from the list of devices.

Airplay (Apple TV)

Airplay from the screen of your iOS device can easily be done with Apple TV or with an AirPlay compatible smart TV. Connect your device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) to the same WiFi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2 compatible Smart TV. Click on mceclip1.png


Open your Chrome browser on your tablet, ,laptop, or desktop and open the live stream here.

When the stream is open, go to the menu in your Chrome browser, you do this by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right of your browser. Sometimes this is another sign, for example when you can perform an update.

Then select “Cast” and choose the Chromecast device that you want to watch the stream on. If the casting is successful, change the stream to fill the screen. 

Google Home app

If you want to see your full Android screen on your TV, you can do so through the Google Home app. You need a Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra or a TV with a built-in Chromecast.

Make sure your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast device. Open the Google Home app mceclip10.png.

Choose the device you want to cast the screen on, then choose Cast My Screen. Your screen will now also be displayed on your television. Now open your ticket, open the stream and enjoy! 

Smart TV

Call up your internet browser via the menu of your Smart TV and open our website:

Updated on March 7, 2022

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